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Graphene Applications

Graphene has many special properties. Graphene has five fundamental properties that seem to intrigue research scientists: 1) its transparency of over 90%, 2) up to 500nm, large surface area (2630 m2/g), 3) thermal conductivity [≈5000W.m -1 K -1], 4) its very low resistivity to electrons and holes (10–30 Ω/square), 5) its high mechanical strength while being lightweight (light). Based on these characteristics, a large number of potential applications are constantly being explored, and the application fields seem endless.

Graphene applications: what is graphene used for?

Healthcare Products
Graphene application in health physiotherapy equipments, such as energy quantum chamber, eye masks heating pads, waist heating instrument, heating pads, stainless steel electric kettle.
New Energy
Graphene application in new energy products, such as car battery, solar panel, nuclear power plants, It has good insulation, strong acid and alkali resistance, can withstand high temperature of 300 ℃ for a long time, and is suitable for various harsh environments
Household Products
Graphene application in household products, heating appliances, electric mattress, electric heating clothes, electric blanket, bath heater, electric heater, electric water heater.
Heating Plate
Graphene application in aerospace, military, industrial and other operating conditions under harsh conditions (extremely cold conditions and high temperature conditions), and the requirements of high thermal conductivity, high insulation and high temperature operation of LED products.
Heating Pipe
BX type anti-static polyimide film is a black film formed by adding anti-static nano-materials to resin and drooling. It is a uniform anti-static material inside and outside. After baking at 350 ° C for 300 minutes, it has no effect on the anti-static effect.
Secondary Battery
Graphene applications in energy conversion and storage: batteries, supercapacitors. 
Graphene-enhanced lithium-ion batteries show incredible properties such as longer life, higher capacity, faster charging time, and flexibility and portability, so it can be used in wearable electronics.​​​​​​​

More Graphene Applications

Thermal application

Graphene is the most thermally conductive ever discovered. Because graphene is both strong and lightweight, this means it is an excellent material for thermal solutions, such as heat sinks or thermal films. This could be useful in both microelectronics, such as making LED lighting more efficient and durable, as well as larger applications, such as thermal foils for mobile devices. For example, Huawei's latest smartphone uses a graphene-based heat-sensitive film.

Mechanical strength

Graphene is the strongest material in the world and can be used to enhance the strength of other materials. Dozens of researchers have demonstrated that adding even tiny amounts of graphene to plastics, metals or other materials can make those materials stronger -- or lighter (because you can use less material to achieve the same strength) .

Such graphene-enhanced composites can be used in aerospace, building materials, mobile devices, and many other applications.

Coatings, sensors, electronic products, etc.

Graphene holds many promises in other applications: anti-corrosion coatings and coatings, efficient and precise sensors, faster and more efficient electronics, flexible displays, high-efficiency solar panels, faster DNA sequencing, drug delivery, and more .

Graphene is such a great and fundamental building block that it seems like any industry could benefit from this new material. Time will tell where graphene does make an impact -- or if other new materials are more suitable.

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