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Magma has the ability to provide customized large scale graphene synthesis as we are pioneers in large scale synthesis of graphene. Magma is also able to offer unique services by transferring graphene onto customers' own substrates, chips and materials.

The process begins with the customer sending photo images and basic information about the target substrate material for an initial feasibility review. After review, test samples will be requested for the test transfer process at our headquarters. If the test transfer is successful, the customer can send the required amount of the same type of target substrate material for graphene transfer service.
Undertake OEM order manufacturing, 100% quality control, all products use environmentally friendly materials, export safety and security. The production capacity meets the quantitative needs of various customers, and provides unique program planning services for special customi

Custom Graphene Products

Magma Graphene

Your reliable graphene infrared heater manufacturer in China, Graphene new material, including graphene heating element, heating film, cooling film, etc. Our graphene products widely use in healthcare, energy, household, heating plate, heating pipe and more industries.

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