New material for chip heat dissipation - graphene substrate

The heat dissipation from traditional ceramics and aluminum extrusions is gradually transformed into graphite substrates, which brings great improvements in terms of temperature rise effect, cost, and processing technology. Promote industrial upgrading.

Product advantages:
  • Light weight: the same size, 30% lighter than aluminum and 80% lighter than copper.
  • Temperature resistance: -40°~550°
  • High thermal conductivity: plane 250~500W/Mk, better than metal
  • Uniformity: The X-Y axis thermal conductivity of 460W/MK can quickly and uniformly diffuse heat energy from a point heat source to a larger heat dissipation surface, thereby increasing the effective heat dissipation area.
  • Low thermal resistance: Thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum and 20% lower than copper.
  • Flexibility: The surface can be combined with other materials such as metal, plastic, and self-adhesive to meet more design functions and needs, increasing design flexibility.