Graphene Application in Heating Pipe

BX type anti-static polyimide film is a black film formed by adding anti-static nano-materials to resin and drooling. It is a uniform anti-static material inside and outside. After baking at 350 ° C for 300 minutes, it has no effect on the anti-static effect. .

The current specifications are: thickness 1mil, 2mil, width 520mm

  • High mechanical properties; high temperature resistance, long-term temperature resistance 260 ℃, short-term 500 ℃.
  • Permanent anti-static, 400 ℃, 300min anti-static unchanged.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity above 0.24W/m.K.
  • Excellent dimensional stability at high temperature, shrinkage rate ≤0.3% at 250℃, 30min.
  • Safe flame retardant, self-extinguishing, halogen-free environmental protection and matte surface.