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Nano-polymer far-infrared heating physiotherapy shoulder brace for shoulder pain relief

1.【Adjustable for Right and Left Shoulder】Shoulder rotator cuff pain relief brace has five adjustable to adjust the chest size, arm size, and add pressure to your shoulder. Our shoulder support suitable for both men and women..
2.【Pain Shoulder Recovery】Shoulder support Increase blood flow to relieving shoulder pain. Including frozen shoulder, dislocated shoulder, rheumatic pain, torn muscles or ligaments, etc. For surgical wounds, Shoulder brace can provide supporting and stabilizing effects. Protecting wounds from splitting and speeding up wound recovery.
3.【Exercise Pressure Pad】Triangular stable pressurized structure, Increase or decrease pressure according to your needs. It can help tighten or relax muscles when you do exercise. Such as basketball, tennis, golf, weightlifting, etc. Avoiding damage from sports. Pressure pad can store ice or hot water bags, relieve swelling or keep warm.



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